O2 Park

  • Category: Digital Art
  • Client: Gowanus Lands
  • Project date: 2020
  • Team members: Sharon Chen, Saha Lee, Qingyi Li

This is a Brooklyn local development project for the Gowanus Canal Park. Our design team includes students from Design & Technology and Data Visualization programs at Parsons. During the on-site visiting, we have found out that this area will be surrounded by numerous residential buildings, local businesses, and corporate offices in the near future. We aim to address the need of the surrounding household through our design of the park.

The images on the left represent the first iteration captured in SketchUp. Our design utilizes multi-functional open space, cross-area paths, utilitarian comfortable seating, and multi-purpose activity space. In the second iteration, our team has decided to reattempt the layout with the concept of its given name: O2 Park. The name was inspired by the natural element that are essential for human survival - Oxygen.